How to choose a watch?

Sometimes a watch is very attractive on the outside, but its interior, to put it mildly, is disappointing. And the opposite examples are not excluded: what is the use of the perfect stuffing when there is nothing to look at on the outside? In this article, we tell you what wristwatch to choose in order to achieve harmony and not to regret the lost time.Immediately decide that we are not talking about gifts – we are only looking for a watch for yourself. We know ourselves well, and who does not know – will honestly answer a couple of questions and figure it out on the spot.

In the world, there are hundreds of watch brands and hundreds of tips on how to choose a wristwatch. To save you from exhausting surfing through the expanses of the Internet, we responsibly declare: from this article to a successful purchase is only 4 steps.

This article was inspired by a watch blog: BEST24WATCH

Step 1 – Style

Decide on the occasions when you will wear the watch.

Step 2 – The movement

If the watch is not just for beauty, but also for use, decide what it should be able to do.

Step 3 – Budget

Count down the amount you don’t regret parting with for a new accessory.

Step 4 – Material

The last and easiest question is what the watch will be made of.

What style are you going to choose?

What are you going to wear the watch with?

Of course, there are some great originals among us who first buy a catchy accessory and only then think about how to shape the rest of the closet under it. But mostly it’s the other way around: first we carefully think through the image and then complement it with jewelry.

Without being distracted by the intermediate halftones, all the suits of the world can easily be divided into three categories. Check the one you intend to wear the watch with:

  • attire (outfits for special occasions)
  • business (business dress code)
  • Casual.

We choose the watch’s appearance according to the style of the outfit:

  1. luxurious, meticulously detailed
  2.  severe, minimalist
  3. whatever you like.

And at the same time we define the purpose of the watch:

  • Universal (for most things) – a good option if it is your first watch.
  • Unique (for certain occasions) is the best option if you like unusual gadgets or add to your collection.

After deciding on the first and most important question, many will already understand how to choose a wristwatch for men and women who attach great importance to their style. However, for the most accurate and successful result, do not stop at this stage – there are many interesting tips ahead!

Varz or mechanics?

How will your watch work?

Quartz watches are battery operated.

On average, the battery is replaced every 2 to 3 years. Only if the quartz has unusual additions and complications. Quartz is always more accurate than mechanics, and the movement itself tends to be more budget-friendly.

Mechanical watches run on the energy of a wound-up spring.

On average, a hand-wound mechanical watch is wound every day and a half to two days, while an automatic watch takes care of itself (if you don’t forget to wear it). Regular maintenance is required in both cases. Historically, mechanics are more prestigious than quartz. It’s also prettier when it comes to displaying gorgeous movements.

Setting the Budget

How much are you willing to spend on your dream watch?

It’s a common societal belief that the cost of a watch should equal a month’s salary. For many, this uncompromising measure is understandable and justified: first we earn money to create a flawless image, and then the image works for us. For those who are not ready for such a serious approach, there is good news: the price of the watch should be such that the heart is glad of the purchase, rather than bemoaning the money spent.