What materials to decorate the walls in the kitchen?

For anyone who has decided to make repairs in the kitchen, the question invariably arises as to what materials to use and what to finish the walls in the kitchen? The whole problem is that the kitchen is a very specific room in the apartment, where there is often a high level of humidity, as well as splashing grease and high temperatures. So, when choosing a variant and materials for finishing kitchen walls all this should be taken into account and choose a way that will be justified from a practical point of view.

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Without a doubt, every way to decorate kitchen walls is beautiful, and this is the merit of modern finishing materials. Especially popular is the use of tiles on the floor and on the walls, finishing the walls with wallpaper or painting the walls. Nowadays, natural and artificial stone is gaining popularity in the finishing work in the kitchen. But it is much more important that the decorated walls behave properly, and the coating of the walls in the kitchen did not begin to crumble and peel off in difficult conditions.

Finishing the kitchen with ceramic tiles

The use and laying of ceramic or glazed tiles in the kitchen has become a classic. For the design of the kitchen apron in general, nothing else comes to mind. Even if it is decided to choose some other materials for finishing walls, the wall surface in the area of the kitchen stove, sink and over the working area is still better to finish with tile.

The advantages and all the advantages of ceramic tile are that for use in the kitchen it is best suited. It is very easy to clean, not afraid of moisture and high temperatures, and the variety of choices will provide not only practical use, but also a variety of styles and textures. Modern manufacturers have taken care that you can choose tiles with a glossy surface or matte, textured with an imitation of different surfaces or traditional, smooth or with a pattern.

Painting the walls in the kitchen

Despite the fact that tile looks very appropriate and its use is practical, painting the walls in the kitchen is also no less popular. Especially in terms of financial costs, painting the walls is sometimes even more desirable, as the final budget for repairs will be much lower than tiling the entire kitchen.

Modern technology and paint materials provide great opportunities to create a unique look for your kitchen. Any shade is now possible, making it possible to create almost any interior. Drawing or original pattern that can be applied to the painted walls is a separate topic in wall decoration in general.

The only condition for painting the walls in the kitchen will be a thorough leveling and preparation of the walls for painting. The main thing is to eliminate the appearance of cracks and irregularities on the surface after the paint dries.

Decorative plaster in the kitchen

To date, the cost of decorative plaster is quite high, but the effective appearance of the surfaces obtained using this technique, as well as the variety of resulting textures can not be compared with any other finish. It is this fact in the design of walls in the kitchen and bribes most designers.

A distinction is made between structural and textured decorative plaster, which comes as a water-based and waterless. Before applying it, it is necessary to properly level the walls and clean them with a primer.