Wood for carving

The choice of wood for carving is a very important and difficult part of carving, especially for beginners. There are many factors that must be considered when making this choice: textures; wood species; wood density and so on.

For example, linden – the material is soft and pliable, but you need experience with this tree and high-quality tools (especially sharp), otherwise the linden will not be cut, and crumpled under the tool.

In general, the wood should be “aged”, dry, without cracks and wood spots. For example, oak, beech, poplar, pine, alder, linden, apple, walnut, birch, larch, aspen and so on are better suited for wood carving. Although the word “better” here is not quite correct, because it all depends on what product you have. If you are a novice carver and just “stuff your hand”, then birch is not a bad option. Buy best Spoon Carving Set

Materials for wood carving should be well dried, humidity 15% and below. If you make a carving on wet wood, the product, after drying, will crack and gouge. It is harder to cut on dry wood than on wet wood, but its products are more durable. To work with wood you need a very sharp tool.

There is hard and soft wood. Projects made of hard wood are cleaner and better even with less sharp tools.

It is not recommended to clean the workpiece with sandpaper. Abrasive grains fall into the wood structure. Eventually, when processing wood, the tool quickly blunts. This reduces the quality of work and slows it down. It is necessary to clean wood in cycles.

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