General CV or Profile CV – which is better?

How should I put together my CV?

Should you focus on a specific job advertisement, or is it better to put together a general CV and show all your professional experience? This is one of the many dilemmas faced by people looking for a new employer. It is worth choosing the right solution at this stage and avoiding the problems of finding a good job.

Above all, your CV should match the employer’s offer. It should be easy for the recruiter to find the qualities of the candidate they are looking for. A CV should show you at your best, giving you an advantage over other applicants for the job. Those who send a generic CV in response to a specific job offer may miss out on this advantage. Especially since there is still a large percentage of candidates who apply in bulk to various advertisements. Although they don’t meet the basic requirements of the job description, they don’t even edit their application documents.

Does it make sense to put together a generic CV?

Paradoxically, a generic CV can also be effective in some situations. This is often due to modern forms of recruitment conducted by industry or business portals such as LinkedIn. Through these channels, we are sometimes asked to send a CV. In this case, we don’t know the potential employer or the specific job offer. It is therefore difficult to predict what kind of recruitment we will be involved in. In such cases, a standard CV can ruin our chances of getting to the next stage.

A generic CV – when is it definitely ineffective?

The country’s economic situation are some of the factors that affect career coherence. You might ask – what does this have to do with resumes? Yes, it does, and quite a lot of it does. If a general CV details work experience in different industries, often very different from each other, it can make it difficult to find your dream job. It is often the case that the candidate frequently changes employers, mostly for financial reasons. He has taken jobs far below his qualifications. If he has chosen this in the past, why shouldn’t he do it again?

Employers assess the risk and want to be as sure as possible that the money invested in training a new employee will simply pay off.

There is no single answer to the question of which resume is best. It all depends on the situation. However, in our experience, in most cases a bespoke CV will be the best option, which is why you should seek help from the best professional resume writers.