How do I make a basketball hoop with a net?

About site selection

Of course, the basketball court must be located far enough away from the main building and vegetable garden beds. Factors such as the location of groundwater and the soil structure of the area are very important. Based on these factors, the basketball court should not be set up in the following sectors:

In areas with high groundwater flowing underneath. Changes in the soil caused by this water will likely affect the stability of the basketball stands, which may sag;
In lowlands and hollows. After heavy rains, a court located in a depression will take a long time to dry out (depending on pavement);
on the slope. This point does not require a detailed explanation. Playing basketball on a slope, at an angle, is highly questionable fun;
In the immediate vicinity of a body of water. In this case, the ball will regularly hit the pool, which can cause injury to the bathers. Also, the decorative vegetation of the reservoir (if any) can be damaged.

About the preparatory work

The device of any, even the most primitive sports facility requires the drawing of working drawings and diagrams, it is also necessary to prepare an estimate. Suppose that at the time of the beginning of the work you will not have sufficient funds. Therefore, it will be very useful to make a project so that at the beginning make do with the funds that are on hand.

So, let’s move on to the actual work process. To begin with, let’s level the site to the most level (in this case) state.
Next, it is necessary to remove the layer of fertile soil. We remove about 40 centimeters of soil. First of all remove a layer of grass, and after that a small layer of soil. These preparations are needed in order to then lay a drainage cushion.

The next step is the laying of geotextile. As a rule, this material is sold as a single sheet. Therefore it will have to spend time to cut out the necessary number of pieces of the required size. They can be laid both vertically and horizontally. Make sure that all these pieces of geotextile are overlapping by at least 30 centimetres. This way you will prevent sagging of the upper part of the drainage cushion.

The laid geotextile is covered with a layer of sand (thickness of 15 centimeters), which should be carefully smoothed.

Now you can proceed to the laying of the geogrid – the element that secures the entire structure. The grid is divided into cells, 50 percent filled with a layer of sand. The remaining space is filled with crushed stone, which should be compacted so that the thickness of the layer of crushed stone is about 15 centimeters, as described here:
It is time to pour the entire structure with cement mortar. This procedure is better to carry out in several stages, to create quality expansion joints. With such joints, water escapes much faster.
In periods of changing seasons (heavy precipitation, melting snow, etc.) you will see that all the above preparatory work is not just appropriate, but simply necessary.
Let’s assume you have settled on the simplest option – laying the main basketball court surface directly on the ground. In this case, it will be enough to make a thin layer of grass from the court, and then cover it with a layer of sand, the height of which does not reach the edge.

About the choice of the main surface

For the game of basketball in the country house can suit different types of coatings. Let’s talk about the features of each of them.

About sports turf

One of the most popular options is sowing a sports lawn on the future playground. Among the grasses that make up a lawn is usually meadow bluegrass. This plant will not allow the lawn to be quickly trampled. However, it should be cared for regularly and with care. If you notice a few thinning patches, reseed these with fast-growing grasses (suitable for the mix). Lawn mowing is recommended twice a week.

Drainage system and regular watering options should be taken care of before the lawn is laid.
Start basketball battles on such a lawn can not begin earlier than 6 months after sowing the grass. In a period of heavy rains to play on the grass court can not.

About special mixtures

The most common of these mixtures includes clay soil, lime and sand. In this approach, the drainage layer is made of materials consisting of coarse particles. In this case, a geotextile is placed between the drainage cushion and the pavement itself. Such a measure is necessary to protect each of the two layers from erosion and mixing.
Variant with the use of a mixture is considered to be one of the most budget-friendly in the context of sports ground pavement arrangement. Maintenance of such a surface is absolutely no problem. In case there are any irregularities on the surface of the basketball court, it is very easy to remove them.

About the wooden surface

In some cases, for the construction of basketball courts on the site use a wooden flooring. When implementing such a variant can not do without a strip foundation. Wooden flooring should be raised above ground level by at least 10 centimeters, in this case it will dry out very quickly from rain water.
This option has objective disadvantages. Wooden surface of the area is not durable, in addition, it is not safe to play on it (the risk of injury is quite high).