Window herb garden on your kitchen. When to start and when to harvest

Thinking of starting your own little garden in your home but don’t know when to start planting or when to finally harvest them? Worry not, we’ve got all your answers below. Let’s find out.

When to Begin Planting Herbs

The best time of the year to start window herb garden kit has to be spring. You can begin planting seeds by March or August. Also, the very month you sow a seed depends upon the herb to germinate. Most will work fine at all times of the year but some might not.

However, you can also grow them in winters as several cooks prefer. That’s because indoors the temperature in moderate unlike the freezing weather outside. Hence, you can easily grow them in cool seasons only remember to ensure that they receive sufficient sunlight for sufficient time of the day.

Herb plants especially the ones planted indoors are fine with every temperature. That means if you’re okay with the temperature inside your house, be assured that the plants are also fine with it.

And hence, you can begin planting without the fear of the leaves drying out earlier than usual or any other causalities.

When to Begin Harvesting Herbs

Indoor harvesting of herbs can begin as soon as the herbs become at least 5 to 7” tall. Harvesting of herbs is a simple yet tricky process. Some things that you should be cautious about:

Make sure to never pluck the herb before its mature enough for the action. As plucking young leafs can lessen its immunity against environmental subjects and cause them to have slow future germination. Also, never pluck more than one third of the plant. This will cause the plant to be exhausted.

Similarly, avoid taking leafs from the bottom of your plant. Restrict yourself to the upper part only as harvesting leaves from there will not only save you a lot of effort but also stimulate bushier germination in the herb.

While harvesting the herb, remember to pluck off any flowers that you see. As this obstructs growth of flowers in the herbs. And as you don’t want flowers, there’s no need to keep them.

Also, try to use the herbs harvested in your dishes as soon as possible. So you can get the full and fresh taste. Storing them for too long can cause the taste to flee and the herbs to become soggy.


For most nature enthusiast, indoor herb garden sounds as exciting as going to the Disneyland. Because plants are just another form of beauty. They require love, care water and obviously sunshine. However, when getting things started with a beginner, there might be some difficulties which are all explained above. Have a look at them and get little indoor garden started.

With that being said, this article comes to an end. Let me know your thoughts and whether this article helped you in your mission or not in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to like and share this article. Happy Gardening!